The scientists of the Photonics and Optoinformatics Department of ITMO University made presentations at "SPIE Photonics Europe 2018".

The scientists of the Photonics and Optoinformatics Department of ITMO University made presentations at

  From 22 to 26 April in Strasbourg, France, the largest in Europe conference on optics and photonics - SPIE Photonics Europe 2018 was held. This cross-disciplinary event covers the most important areas of photon technologies - from digital optics to quantum and attosecond technologies. The department of photonics and optoinformatics was represented at the conference by the head of the International Laboratory of Digital and Display Holography - Nikolay Petrov, and the post-graduate student of the Applied Holography Laboratory - Vladimir Borisov.

  Nikolay Petrov spoke at the conference with two presentations: the oral one - "Reconstruction Enhancement of Noisy Data in Terahertz Pulse Time-Domain Holography by Iterative Procedure" and the poster - "The modeling features of the recording of pulsed broadband THz holograms for non-scattering objects". During the speeches, N. Petrov spoke about the latest works of scientists in his laboratory about expanding of the possibilities of the pulsed terahertz holography method. As a result of the conference, new contacts were established with researchers interested in the development and application of the terahertz holography method.

  Vladimir Borisov made a poster presentation - "Spectral analysis of volume holograms in materials with diffusion-based formation mechanisms by means of Coupled Wave and Kramers-Kronig Relations", where he talked about the possibility of combined use of two spectral techniques for the fundamental study of recording holographic media. Vladimir's speech evoked interest in one of the most famous researchers in the field of holographic polymer environments - Professor John Sheridan of the University College of Dublin. During the conference, with Professor Sheridan, an agreement was concluded on further cooperation in the field of research of multi-composite holographic media.
  The SPIE Photonics Europe Conference takes place every two years in one of Europe's largest cities. The next conference will be held in 2020.
   Source: ITMO University photonics and optoinformatics department website.