01 August 2020

Researchers Develop Supersensitive Method to Measure Surface Topography With THz Radiation

The method allows scientists to get an image close to a holographic one in its properties but with less energy input. In theory, the method could be applied in industrial quality control or acquiring images of concealed objects, for instance, in transillumination of envelopes.

02 April 2020

Research is the work of my dreams!

Evgeniya Ponomareva, the graduate student of the Photonics and Optoinformatics Department, winner of the university contest "Student of the Year-2019" in the nomination - the best in scientific and technical creativity, put wise concerning her scientific work and shared her study experience in Finland.

29 January 2020

Scientists of International Institute of Photonics and Optoinformatics at ITMO University won the Ministry of Science and Education Grant

At the end of December 2019, the results of scientific projects bid carried out by teams of research centers and scientific laboratories of higher educational institutions subordinate to the Russian Ministry of Education and Science were summed up. The project developed by scientists from the International Institute of Photonics and Optoinformatics of ITMO University won this competition. The project “Quantum dynamics and correlation measurements of multimode photonic systems and topologically non-trivial polarization states” has received the status “performed within the framework of the state assignment in the field of science”, with appropriate funding from the federal budget.

26 July 2019

ITMO and St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts Innovate Cultural Heritage Preservation

Working in cooperation with the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, ITMO University initiated an interdisciplinary project on applying image holography technologies to the field of culture and arts. Driving the cooperation is both universities’ ambition to develop novel approaches to preservation of information on cultural heritage objects using full-color analog pictorial holograms as an aesthetical storage medium.

06 November 2018

Scientists of the International Institute «Photonics and optical information technology» of the ITMO University participate in «SPIE Photonics Asia-2018».

The largest international conference of Asia on optics and Photonics «SPIE Photonics Asia-2018» was held in Beijing (China), October 11-13. The conference «SPIE Photonics Asia-2018» was attended by a group of scientists of the International Institute «Photonics and optical information technology» leaded by its head, Professor Sergei А. Kozlov. The head of the international laboratory of «Femtosecond optics and femtotechnologies» Anton Tcypkin and the PhD student Maksim Melnik presented their scientific works at the conference.

25 October 2018

The cooperation of the International Institute of Photonics and optical information technology of the ITMO University and the National Institute of telecommunications of Brazil.

The international institute Photonics and optical information technology of the ITMO University, visited professor of National Institute of telecommunications of Brazil Joel Rodrigues, by the invitation of the professor Sergey Kozlov. Professor Rodrigues directs the laboratory registered in National scientific fund of Brazil. Its laboratory works in two main research directions: one is bound to work in the field of the Internet of things, and the second assumes working on by the next generation of networks and applications.

25 September 2018

Scientists Develop New Analysis Method of Non-Linear Optical Properties

Scientists from ITMO University in collaboration with their colleagues from National Taiwan Normal University have developed a high-sensitivity method of studying the non-linear optical properties of substances. Unlike other research in this area, this project uses a collimated (unfocused) laser beam, which allowed the researchers to decrease the power density applied to a sample, though at the price of loss of useful signal. Using a special procedure for recording holograms and processing images, as well as using a special computational modeling algorithm, they have been able to measure the properties of optically non-linear media despite a weak signal. The project opens up new possibilities for diagnostics of non-linear properties. Results of the research were published in Optics Letters.

28 May 2018

The scientists of the Photonics and Optoinformatics Department of ITMO University made presentations at "SPIE Photonics Europe 2018".

From 22 to 26 April in Strasbourg, France, the largest in Europe conference on optics and photonics - SPIE Photonics Europe 2018 was held. This cross-disciplinary event covers the most important areas of photon technologies - from digital optics to quantum and attosecond technologies. The department of photonics and optoinformatics was represented at the conference by the head of the International Laboratory of Digital and Display Holography - Nikolay Petrov, and the post-graduate student of the Applied Holography Laboratory - Vladimir Borisov.

06 March 2018

ITMO Scientists Study Properties of Terahertz Gauss-Bessel Beams

Scientists from ITMO University became the first to conduct a comprehensive study of the spatio-temporal and spatio-spectral properties of pulsed broadband terahertz Gauss-Bessel beams. This theoretical research looks promising in terms of practical application, as these beams can be used in wireless communications to increase data transfer speed and the number of simultaneously connected devices. The research results were published in the Scientific Reports journal.