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  2. 2Petrov N.V., Shevkunov I.A., Belashov A.V., Nalegaev S.S., Putilin S.E., Lin Y., Cheng C. Time-resolved inline digital holography for investigation of noncollinear pump pulse-induced phase variation // Optics InfoBase Conference Papers - 2017, Vol. Part F47-DH, pp. M3A.3
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  3. 1Nalegaev S.S., Putilin S.E., Bespalov V.G. Particularities of femtosecond spectral supercontinuum generation in anisotropic crystal media with quadratic nonlinearity // Proceedings of SPIE - 2013, Vol. 8699, pp. 869914-1-869614-6 [SJR: 0.216]
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