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  1. 2Georgieva A.O., Afonin M.V., Balbekin N.S., Gareev G.Z., Gareev K.G., Gorshkov A.N., Korolev D.V., Luchinin V.V., Smolyanskaya O.A. Optical properties of tableted samples containing iron oxides in THz region of spectrum // Proceedings - International Conference Laser Optics 2018, ICLO 2018 - 2018, pp. 570
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  2. 1Shamova A., Shandybina G., Yakovlev E., Georgieva A. Mutual influence of Auger and non-radiative recombination processes under silicon femtosecond laser irradiation // Optical and Quantum Electronics - 2017, Vol. 49, No. 2, pp. 74 [IF: 1.055, SJR: 0.37]
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    The results of theoretical study of the contribution of recombination processes in additional heating of the surface of monocrystalline silicon during multipulse femtosecond laser processing are presented to discussion. The numerical evaluations are made in regimes of the laser radiation below the ablation threshold, when the microgeometry of the surface is formed due to the processes of self-organization. The influence of Auger recombination processes on the photoexcitation of the semiconductor during the pulse and relaxation after the pulse is studied in detail. It is shown that the additional heating of the surface due to non-radiative recombination is extremely small at pulse repetition rate 10 Hz–1 MHz. Mutual influence of recombination processes of both types is shown.