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Belashov Andrey Vladimirovich

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Current research

My current research is devoted to the development and application of digital holographic microscopy technique for living cells study, in particular investigation of its response on photodynamic treatment.  In this project I investigate morphological changes and intracellular mechanisms of cell death induced by singlet oxygen and other oxidative agents probucing in course of photodynamic treatment. Alongside with that I apply digital holography methods for investigation of some nonlinear optical effects, detection of strain elastic wave in sold waveguides, detection of singlet oxygen nonradiative relaxation. My scientific interests are: digital holographic tomography, wavefront propagation, nonlinear optics, biophotonics and spectroscopy.


Author of more than 40 publications, including 18 indexed in Scopus. Main of them are:

Belashov A. V., et al.“Digital holographic microscopy in label-free analysis of cultured cells’ response to photodynamic treatment” Optics Letters. – 2016, vol. 41. No. 21, pp. 5035-5038

Belashov A.V.,et al. “Digitaloff-axis holographic interferometry with simulated wavefront” Opt. Express– 2014, Vol. 22, pp. 28363-28376

Belashov A. V.,et al.“Accuracy ofimage-plane holographic tomography with filtered backprojection: random andsystematic errors” Applied optics. – 2016, vol. 55. No. 1, pp. 81-88

 Work experience

2012 - present

Laboratory assistant at Laser Center, Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences


2014 - present

Research engineer at Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technology, ITMO University


2011- 2012

Private Tutor in Physics and Mathematics

Prizes and awards

·      Winner of Russian Federation President Scholarship for 2015-2016 years.

·      First award at the Yu.I.Ostrovsky all-Russian competition for research works in holography and holographic interferometry, 2015.

·      Winner of a grant "UMNIK" for development of holographic microscope for intracellular processes study.

·      Diploma for winning the Grant of St. Petersburg for students, graduate students, young scientists, young PhDs, number 15325, 2015

·      Certificate for the best research with commercialization opportunities at the All-Russian conference «Physics Saint-Petersburg  – 2015»

·      Scholarships granted by NRU ITMO for research achievements in 2014 and 2015 years

·      Diploma for winning the Grant of St. Petersburg for students, graduate students, young scientists, young PhDs, number 14038, 2014

·      Best poster award at the international conference «Stereodynamics 2014», St. Petersburg, 2014.

·      Certificate for the best research report at the All-Russian conference «Physics Saint-Petersburg  – 2014»



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